Champions Trophy 2025 – India Plays All Matches in Lahore

Champions Trophy 2025 - India Plays All Matches in Lahore

PCB Plans for India’s Stay in Lahore During Tournament

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) suggests that India should play all its Champions Trophy 2025 matches in Lahore. This move aims to make things simpler and safer for India’s visit to Pakistan after nearly 17 years.

Where Will the Matches Be Held?

The tournament will happen in Karachi, Lahore, and Rawalpindi, but Lahore is chosen for all of India’s matches, including the final.

Why Lahore?

This choice helps solve travel problems and boosts security. Lahore is close to the Wagah border, making it easier for Indian fans to come.

Getting Ready and Talking It Out

PCB Chairman Mohsin Naqvi has sent the plan to the International Cricket Council (ICC). The tournament should start in mid-February next year. Talks are ongoing with all teams, especially India.

India’s Past with Pakistan

India hasn’t played in Pakistan since 2008 due to political tensions. But other teams have visited Pakistan since 2015.

Looking Back at Other Tournaments

Last year, Pakistan hosted the Asia Cup, with India playing in Sri Lanka. There were talks about a similar plan for the ODI World Cup but it didn’t happen.

Who Makes the Final Call?

The Indian government decides if India will play in the Champions Trophy 2025 in Pakistan, showing how politics affects cricket.

Hopes and Meaning Behind It

PCB Chairman Naqvi hopes all teams will join. This tournament is a big deal as it’s Pakistan’s first major ICC event since 1996.

In Conclusion

PCB’s idea to have India play in Lahore shows a move towards peace through sports. The final decision is up to India, but this could be a big moment for cricket fans worldwide.

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