Afghanistan Beats New Zealand in T20 World Cup 2024

Afghanistan Beats New Zealand in t20 world cup

Afghanistan won their first-ever game against New Zealand in T20 cricket

In a big surprise, Afghanistan won their first-ever game against New Zealand in T20 cricket in Match 14 of the 2024 T20 World Cup. This win is also Afghanistan’s second in a row in the tournament, showing they are a strong team to watch.

Afghanistan’s Great Batting

Afghanistan chose to bat first and set a target of 160 runs. Rahmanullah Gurbaz was amazing, scoring 80 runs with some powerful hits and smart shots. He teamed up with Ibrahim Zadran, who scored 44 runs, and they made a strong opening partnership, putting a lot of pressure on the New Zealand bowlers. This partnership was key to their victory, showing Afghanistan’s strong batting skills.

Afghanistan’s Strong Bowling

Afghanistan’s bowlers then took over, keeping New Zealand to just 75 runs. Fazalhaq Farooqi was very effective, taking three early wickets that broke New Zealand’s batting lineup. Captain Rashid Khan was outstanding, taking four wickets, and Mohammad Nabi also took two important wickets. This teamwork meant New Zealand couldn’t get into the game, showing Afghanistan’s smart bowling and control. Their bowling was crucial in winning this game.

A Big Win and Top Spot

This win is historic because it’s the first time Afghanistan has beaten New Zealand in T20 cricket. It also puts Afghanistan at the top of the tournament table with 4 points from 2 matches. Their earlier win against Uganda by 125 runs showed their strong form and good run rate, making them a team to watch in the T20 World Cup 2024. This win gives them confidence and sets a high standard for their next games.

Looking Ahead: Afghanistan’s World Cup Journey

With this strong start, Afghanistan has made a big statement in the T20 World Cup 2024. Their mix of powerful batting and effective bowling makes them a tough team for anyone to beat. Fans and experts around the world are excited to see if Afghanistan can keep up this good form and achieve more success in the tournament. This historic win over New Zealand shows Afghanistan’s growing strength in international cricket, making them a serious contender in the T20 World Cup 2024. They have proven they are not just participants but strong contenders who can surprise the top teams.

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Afghanistan’s amazing win over New Zealand shows they are becoming a strong force in international cricket. As they move forward in the tournament, everyone will be watching to see if they can keep up their great form and make more history.

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